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Discover Lombardi Construction Company Inc.

"Our Reputation is Set in Stone"
Since 1942

Lombardi Construction is an industry leader in providing historical masonry restoration services to Rhode Island and Massachusetts for over 80 years.

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Masonry Services


Historical Restoration

Residential Building

Church Restoration

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Pre-Cast Concrete Fabrication

Masonry Landscaping

Masonry Waterproofing


Dustless Cutting and Repointing

Terra Cotta Repairs

Eco-Friendly Building Cleaning


Mausoleum Restoration

Terra Cotta Fabrication

Patio Construction

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Additional Service Offerings

"Our Reputation is Set in Stone"

  • Masonry Cleaning

  • Dustless Cutting and Repointing

  • Structural Repair and Stabilization

  • Brownstone Replacement & Repair

  • Natural Stone Fabrication and Installation

  • Epoxy Repairs 

  • Capstone Removal and Cleaning

  • Precast Concrete Fabrication

  • Terracotta Repair and Fabrication

  • Expansion Joint Repair

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Stone Removal and Fabrication


Masonry Cleaning and Repointing

Contact Us Directly to Review Project Specifics

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Project Showcase 2022

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St. Matthews Church

Masonry Restoration Package

The restoration project of St. Matthew’s Church included the Bell Tower, as well as the front and rear façade of the church. The scope of work included limestone replacement, ashlar stone replacement, masonry cleaning, repointing, and waterproofing. In addition, Lombardi Construction Company provided painting, and glazing restoration. This project represents our total masonry restoration package.


Woods Gerry Admissions Building

Masonry Restoration Package, Custom Brownstone Fabrication, Masonry Landscaping

Woods Gerry RISD Admissions Building involved Portland Brownstone fabrication and replacement, repointing, and waterproofing. In addition, Lombardi Construction performed window restoration and masonry landscaping improvements.

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Residential Mansion

Masonry Building, Capstone Fabrication, and Gold Leaf Engraving

In addition to our commercial offerings we are also pleased to service residential clients. The pillars of this residential mansion represent our dedication to detailed craftsmanship. Specifically, the project involved engineering each pillar to match the existing pillars of the property, capstone fabrication, and gold leaf engraving.


Who Are We?

Lombardi Construction is a leading masonry construction provider in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area since 1942. Throughout our 80 years of being in business, we have the knowledge and experience to handle all masonry projects to the satisfaction of our clients. We are dedicated craftsmen and share the same goals and concerns our clients have when dealing with projects.

From Historical Restorations of Churches, Universities, and Residential sites we are a family run business who have maintained strong relationships with our clients and always provide high quality and skilled masonry services that reflects the Lombardi Construction name. In addition, we provide a large breadth of services for our clients with the goal of never telling a person we cannot accomplish what they are looking to achieve. Please feel free to contact us regarding your next masonry construction project.

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Joe Lombardi Jr.

Barrington, Rhode Island


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